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Title I Parent Survey

SurveyTitle I Parent Survey: We want to hear from parents! This survey is an opportunity for you to help your school by sharing your opinions about it. Your opinions are important, and AESD is interested in hearing them. You can help us by taking the following survey in English  (La encuesta para padres también está disponible en español.)

VME News

From the desk of Mrs. Renfrow, Principal , Victoria Magathan Elementary

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

In support of Victoria Magathan Elementary School’s Focus on Writing; third, fourth, and fifth-grade students have created a monthly school newspaper in Journalism class. The “Tiger Times”  newspaper includes articles about school news, current events, and even trivia! The journalism students research carefully and interview people to get the latest scoop! They also use a digital camera to capture images to publish their articles. The newspapers are distributed to students to read and enjoy.  Keep an eye out for our special Valentine’s Day issue coming out February 8th!

VME News

EMS Winter Performance

From the desk of: Mrs. Juarez, Principal, El Mirage School

Our winter performance was a great success!  We had our students in Kinder through Eighth grade perform for our parents. Mr. Garcia our music teacher had our choir and guitarist and pianist perform as well.  

EMS Winter Performance

EMS Mindfulness

From the desk of: Mrs. Juarez, Principal, El Mirage

As a school, we are committed to ensuring that our students feel they are in a safe school environment. Our students receive daily and weekly structured Mindfulness lessons. Mindfulness helps to develop a greater awareness of relationships and how to manage them (including difficult ones at home), as well as offering a richer understanding of things like self-esteem and optimism. Mindfulness trains students to understand and direct their attention with greater awareness and skill. this may improve the capacity to concentrate and be less distracted, as well as their working memory and ability to plan.

CMS Mindfulness

EMS Mindfulness

Cougar PBIS

From the desk of : Mr. Rizo, Principal, Adelanto Elementary School

AES is a PBIS School!  This week several classrooms earned the “popcorn party” level achievement for earning Golden Cougar Cash by reaching classroom PBIS goals. Great Job!

Cougar PBIS​​​​​​

Cougar PBIS​​​​​​​

Cougar PBIS​​​​​​​

Ted Alejandre

Congratulations to Ted Alejandre as he enters his second term as County Superintendent. With our AESD Board President, Christine Turner.Ted Alejandre

Adelanto City Council

Our AESD students were recognized at the Adelanto City Council. Congratulations to the cheer and dance teams from Columbia, Melva Davis, and Bradach and our elementary band from Ted Vick!Adelanto City Council

CMS AVID Family Night

From the desk of:  Mr. Upshaw, Principal, Columbia Middle School

Students and Staff explained to our parents and families what the mission of AVID! To ensure that ALL students, and most especially the least served students who are in the middle:

will succeed in the rigorous curriculum;

will complete a rigorous college preparatory path; will enter mainstream activities of the school; will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges; and will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society.


Morgan Kincaid

From the desk of:  Mrs. Cooper, Principal, Morgan Kincaid Elementary 

Students, staff, and families shared in the holiday fun at Morgan Kincaid’s annual Winter Holiday Programs. From singing to dancing, to pictures with Santa, fun was had by all. Morgan Kincaid sends their best wishes for a safe, happy, and restful Winter Break to all!Morgan Kincaid


Morgan Kincaid

Cougar Event's

From the desk of:  Mr. Rizo, Principal, Adelanto Elementary 

This month’s Cougar Crowd was a big hit!  Not only did we give out awards for highest AR word count and growth for the month of November, but we also received a JOLLY visit from Santa Claus. 

Santa Picture

Our AES ELAC parents once again got together and organized our 4th Annual Cougar Clothes Drive.   This event has provided many of our students an opportunity to stay warm during this cold season.  All clothing articles were accepted, but our main focus was to make sure that jackets, sweaters, and pants were among the most gifted items.  Tis the season of giving! Go Cougars!

ELAC Moms & Cougars Clothing Drive

Momo Challenge and Social Media Dangers warning

Parents & Guardians, your child was given a letter on Thurs, Dec 20 to bring home to you regarding the dangers of the recent social meida challenge directed at children and young adults called the "Momo Challenge". Information on this challenge can be found on this link:

Please consider discussing the appropriate use of technology and social media with your child. Monitor your child's screen time and discuss family expections for making good choices. Below are some links that offer advice on how to keep your child safe while using technology/social media.

Thank you for supporting our District in keeping your child safe.


Bridges to Success Gingerbread Houses

As an incentive for demonstrating the core values of the program; positive relationships, successful completion of assignments for the week, respect of self and others, positive attendance, and positive contribution to the community, the students are invited to participate in an art or craft activity at the end of each week as part of the Art Elective.  Students have made items that they could give as gifts for the holidays such as worry pencils, glittered ornaments, and decoupaged candle jars.  Tuesday, December 18, the Desert Valley SELPA’s PBIS Team taught the students how to make Gingerbread Houses.  The entire team, eight members, worked side by side with the students as they each made their own house.  The team was amazed at how focused the students were on their projects and how they supported each other toward the completion of their houses.