Classified Personnel

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Sandra Bostick
Personnel Specialist:
Leaves of Absence, Return to Work, Reasonable Accommodations (non-industrial), Classified Recruitment & Selection, Classified: Transfers, PRFs, & all employment matters related to Classified Employees. Board Agenda Items (Classified)

Phone: 760.246.8691 x10242


Alejandra Gonzalez
Personnel Technician (Classified):
Classified Job Postings, Applicant Screening, Classified Interviews, Employee Processing, Classified Testing, Substitute Coordinator, Volunteers, Classified Employee Updates, Activity Supervisor Certificate of Clearance – Classified Coaches, AVID Tutors, Driver Clearance

Phone: 760.246.8691 x10216


Union Documents

CSEA Contract 2016-2019 View
CSEA MOU Campus Security Uniforms View
Salary Schedule 2018-2019 View
Article 8 Amendment -  Performance Reviews & Discipline Procedures View
Article 5 - Salary (TA 05/09/19, Board Approved 08/27/19) View
Article 6 - Benefits (TA 05/30/19, Board Approved 08/27/19) View
Article 12 - Hours & Overtime (TA 05/09/19, Board Approved 08/27/19) View
Article 13 - Transfers, Promotions and Demotions (TA 05/09/19, Board Approved 08/27/19) View
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Classified Work Calendars

180 Days View
182 Days View
185 Days View
190 Days View
10 Months View
10.5 Months View
12 Months View


Substitute User Instruction Guide View
Substitute Quick User Guide View
Substitute Training Video View Video


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