Gus Franklin S.T.E.M. Science Night

Gus Franklin Science Night

On January 14, 2016 we engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics here at the Gus Franklin STEM Academy.   The community of family members came out for a night of hands- on activities. 

In Kindergarten Mrs. Castillo, Mrs. Bourque and Mrs. Green worked with families with our iPad app Quiver in order to make their art work come alive.  In the MPR we had Mr. Scott Baudoin, our custodian, showing how to pan for gold using old and new technology.  Our first and sixth grade teachers Ms. Leon, Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Sandberg demonstrated GAVRT and Astronomy activities.  Ms. Bird astonished our students with a view of the moon through our high powered telescope.  Mrs. Centeno engaged students with what you can do with one breath by filling up balloons.  Mrs. Ramirez, Mrs. Rust and Ms. Davila engaged in towers of spaghetti and marshmallows.  Mrs. Chatten, Mrs. Ortega and Mrs. Moreno engaged students with special needs by using skills in engineering; they built cars and toys and much more.  In second  grade Ms. Talmadge, Ms. Coleman and Mrs. Marcum let students view slides through our science lab microscopes. 

The families and their children can’t wait for our next STEM Night!