Letter from Dr. Gomez

November 4, 2015

Dear Adelanto Elementary School District Community,

The Board of Education and I are delighted to announce that the Adelanto Elementary School
District has settled our contract agreements with both the Classified School Employee
Association and the Adelanto District Teachers' Association.

Last year, the Board of Education and I committed to take a strong step forward to build a
climate of shared trust and transparency in future negotiations. We determined to accomplish
this objective by focusing on mutual interests and comprehensively addressing issues. We
believe firmly that we honored this commitment by successfully settling the contract
agreements with both of our bargaining units in an expeditious and equitable manner.

Our Board of Trustees and Cabinet are proud to have had the opportunity to work
collaboratively with CSEA and ADTA to agree upon a more competitive salary schedule for a
deserving staff and to incorporate policy changes into our working environment, which will
benefit all stakeholders.

A few highlights of the CSEA agreement are:
• CSEA members have a robust agreement which includes a 5% raise increase to their
salary schedule.
• The District will cover the full amount of single party premium increase for Classified
workers' health and welfare benefits.
• Additional CSEA contract language provides members increased opportunities to better
support our students and schools.

A few highlights of the ADTA agreement are:
• Previous dual teacher salary schedules were combined into a composite single salary
schedule. This was done to conform with current law and to address inequities that
were present in having two salary schedules. In add ition, the new composite sa lary
sched ule allows the District to be more competitive in hiring and retaining teachers. This
will help our students have qualified teachers in the classroom.
• Certificated members will also receive savings on their benefits with the District offering
a fu lly funded lowest cost HMO.

In conclusion, we are thankful to all three of the negotiation teams (the Adelanto Elementary
School District Negotiating Team, the Adelanto District Teachers' Association and the Classified
School Employees Association Negotiations teams) for their collaboration. The two approved
agreements are fiscally responsible, and represent our best effort to build a brighter future for
our schools and community together.
Dr. Edwin Gomez and Your Board of Trustees:
Teresa Rogers, Board President
Debra S. Jones, Board Clerk
Evelyn Glasper, Member
Holly Eckes, Member
Jayson Hughes, Member