MDAE Science Club Awarded School Garden Grant!

Thanks to the Mojave Air Quality Management District's education program, Melva Davis Academy of Excellence's Science Club has been provided a grant of $208 to continue working on building the school garden. This grant will cover the cost for additional blocks needed to build the planters, help the school start filling the first beds with good soil, and allow the school to purchase some seeds of ancient varieties of domesticated plants. This spring, our students will be able to begin using the garden to serve the following goals:


  *   Provide an experimental space for the science club to test low-water outdoor gardening methods, including various uses of partial shelter, wick watering, etc.

  *   Provide an educational space with plants known to have been used in cultures through history, allowing classes to take 'on-campus field trips' to experience the plants of various cultures (fibers, food and dyestuffs)

  *   Allow students to engage in experimental archaeology with these plants as part of their STEAM-based history education.

  *   Provide a venue for student artists to display historically inspired artworks in a relevant context, further enriching the on-campus field trips.

  *   Beautify and use a formerly unused space, while keeping our work secure from casual vandalism