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Student Resources

Renaissance Place (Password required) Website to access Accelerated Math, Accelerated Reader, and MathFacts-in-a-Flash.

Starfall A free website dedicated to learning to read, perfect for K-1 learners.

How Stuff Works A great website with information on how just about anything works! Have a great time learning everything from autos to zappers at How Stuff Works.

Fact Monster Another awesome site chock full of interesting facts about the world, science, people and much more.

Knowledge Adventure A website designed to reward curious minds with innovative and imaginative products that build thinking skills, self confidence and excitement through play.

Yucky, Gross and Cool Body "The Yuckiest Site On The Internet" Join cartoon friends and learn about the amazing things our bodies do!

Animal Land An entire website dedicated to learning all aspects of animals. From caring for your pet to getting a job taking care of animals they have it all, including games and stories.