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Here We Grow Again!

Adelanto School District is building!!! The District is currently underway with three modernization projects and the construction of two new schools. We are very excited about our construction program and are pleased to be building new schools for the students and families of the Adelanto School District. The Facilities Department is made up of two very dedicated employees; Debbie Budd and Natalee Price. Debbie and Natalee work hard to provide the highest quality instructional environments for Adelanto School District children. Our students deserve the best and that is what we intend to build for them.

George Visual Auditorium

Site 23 opened in January 2011 as George Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School. It is our first interior corridor school. The staff and students contributed artwork to the project in the interior foyer and on the exterior walls. George Magnet School is located at 10650 Bartlett Avenue in Adelanto if you would like to visit it.

photo El Mirage.JPG

Site 19 El Mirage School opened in August 2012. The school is located at 19250 St. Anthony Avenue.  The Adelanto School District is very excited to provide this new school to the community of El Mirage.

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Site 21 Elementary School is our second interior hallway school. It is currently under construction and should be open in August 2014.

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Site 25 Middle School is under construction and should be open in August 2014.


The District Architect is Frick, Frick and Jette' Architects. They have done a phenominal job designing our schools for the last 25 years.

The District Construction Manager is W. D. Gott Construction Co. Terry Gott brings quality and excellence to the construction process.


Builder Fees

The Facilities and Planning Department is also responsible for the collection of builder fees:

  • Residential Rate $3.44 per square ft.
  • Commercial Rate $0.36 per square ft.

Please make payments to Victorville Union High School District separately and take receipts from both the Adelanto School District and Victor High School District to the city for your permit. 


Construction projects are funded 100% by construction funds. The construction funds can only be used for construction or modernization of schools. These funds may not be used for salaries or to augment the General Fund. All current projects are fully funded through completion from state hardship construction funds. 

Budd, Deborah
District Staff