Black History Month

African-American Culture and History Celebration @ Eagle Ranch

African-American Culture and History Celebration @ ERS

Eagle Ranch  held their Inaugural Cultural Celebration on February, 26th 2018.  The event was sponsored by ERS Think Together and ERS PTA.  It was an African American Culture and History Celebration where students and parents actively participated during the event.  Eagle Ranch students within the Think Together Program preformed an A-Z skit of famous African American individuals, where they had to read about each individual.  Then, a few Eagle Ranch parents (volunteers from the audience) participated in the A-Z Community Jeopardy.  All participants gained know

Black History Month @ Morgan Kincaid

Black History Month @ Morgan Kincaid

Throughout the month of February students at Morgan Kincaid have been learning about famous black Americans in history in honor of Black History Month. The messages of equality, compassion, and respect were delivered through the reflections on the impact made over time by famous black Americans at an assembly performed by various classes. The students found the assembly to be inspiring, entertaining, and educational.

Ted Vick Black History Celebration

Ted Vick Black History Month

Ted Vick students celebrated Black History Month by learning about  important people and events. We closed the month with an assembly in which students shared what they had learned in the form music, acting and poetry. On Saturday, students joined us for a tour of our living museum, put on by our middle schoolers. Here, they "met" important people and saw art exhibits. Students enjoyed a month of learning about the contributions African Americans made to our country.

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