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Curriculum & Instruction

Last Updated: 12/1/2020 3:49 PM

The Curriculum Department of Adelanto Elementary School Department is here to support Teachers in standards alignment, student assessment, instructional coaching, and professional development opportunities.  We are ready and available to our instructional staff to ensure that AESD's most important mission is met: that every one of our students receives an education without compromise.

Teachers & Principals: for more information, please check our Resources page, along with links on the right of this page.

Curriculum and Instruction
To contact the Curriculum and Instruction Coordinators, (760) 246-8691:
Lori Latimer,, x10281
Jahnnlyn Malana,, x10221
Diana Vides,, x10209.

Academic Support Services
To contact Academic Services Support, (760) 246-8691:
Sandra Alamillo,, ext 10215
Ivonne Mateos,, ext 10675

Textbook Services
To contact Textbook Services, (760) 246-8691:
Mary Carnes,, ext 10250
Wendy Davies,, ext 10213


SCIENCE FAIR 2019-2020

J. Ochoa- "The Plastic Jack Vac"

A. Castro- "How Does Plastic Affect the pH of Water?"

A. Moreno- "How Does the Change in Ecosystems Affect Plants?"

H. Bautista + J. Padilla- "How Do Stress Levels Decrease or Increase While Doing Art?"

R. Heydorn- "Flying Forward"

K. Young- "Do Colored Candles Burn Slower Than White or Black Candles?"

C. Verdugo- "Does the Color of a Balloon Affect its ability to Stretch?"


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