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COVID-19 Prevention Program - Safety Plan

Last Updated: 6/4/2021 9:23 PM

The Adelanto Elementary School District has developed in-person, reopening plans for a Summer Learning Recovery Session.


Adelanto Elementary School District Prevention Program & Reopening Schools Plan

AESD reopening schools plan is based on guidance and direction from the Center for Disease Control, the California Department of Public Health and the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. AESD also included comments and concerns from the community including parents, staff and teachers in the development of the plan. AESD partnered with the Adelanto Teachers Association and the California State Employees Association in finalizing and agreeing on these plans. 

The Director of Risk Management, Josie Perez, has overall authority and responsibility for implementing the provisions of the COVID-19 Prevention Program in our District. In addition, all managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing and maintaining the COVID-19 Prevention Program in their assigned work areas and for ensuring employees receive answers to questions about the program in the language they understand best.

All employees are responsible for using safe work practices, following all directives, policies and procedures, and assisting in maintaining a safe work environment.


California Department of Public Health

To best develop a reopening plan, the District used the following materials for guidance and direction.

Consolidated Schools Guidance (1/14/21), click here to view document.

COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist (1/14/21), click here to view document.

CDC-California Schools Guidance Crosswalk (2/16/21), click here to view document.


AESD COVID-19 Prevention Program

Adelanto Elementary School District 2020-21 Reopening Plan (submitted to Public Health May 2021)

Adelanto Elementary School District School Guidance Checklist

* List of PPE Supplies Purchased by the District (3/9/21)



Personnel Policies

Student Policies


Facilities, Operations and Logistics

Office Staff

Safety Guidelines and Practices for AESD Office Staff:



Transportation (Bus Services)

Safety Guidelines and Practices for AESD transportation of students:




Arrival and Symptom Screening Procedures

Click Here: AESD Health and Safety Plan for the Learning Recovery Summer Session (English and Spanish)


Instruction and Learning

Professional Learning

Data and Alternative Metrics

Accelerating Learning and Mitigating Learning Loss

Distance Learning

Blended Learning and Independent Study

Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Programs

Lesson Plans for Prevention Practices


Special Education

Protective Measures

Policies and Procedures


Social Emotional Supports

Supporting All Students (Especially Vulnerable Populations)

Staff Supports

Family Outreach and Services

Peer Connections