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Flyer Distribution

Last Updated: 4/3/2019 4:42 PM

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What's Peachjar?

AESD uses Peachjar as an online distribution platform to send flyers and informational documents to students, parents & the community.  The purpose of Peachjar is to use electronic distribution to save on paper & copying expenses, allow timely communication between schools and families, and to enable schools to self-distribute flyers from their offices.

Peachjar DOES allow organizations and outside groups to upload flyers for school distribution.  These are based on a fee policy, and meeting AESD Flyer Distribution Guidelines, which are detailed below.



Please read our Flyer Distribution Policy (Updated January 2019) for specific details.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • In Line with District Mission: Flyer content & purpose MUST be educational in nature and related to the development of the whole child.  Specifically, flyers for solicitation, religious/political advocacy, commercial advertising & marketing purposes are expressly prohibited.
  • Kid-Safe: Must be appropriate in language, context & visual content for a TK-8 Learning Community.
  • Hablamos ingles y español: Must meet bi-lingual standards at AESD: 100% translation of English and Spanish language content provided by the applicant. (Either on the same flyer, or two flyers of each language.)
  • Distribution Registration Required: The applicant must register with the district.  (Existing Applicants do not need to reapply.)
  • Fundraising Purposes: Flyers intended for fundraising activities must be submitted by the fundraising party directly receiving the benefit. (i.e.: Bob's Burgers as a business cannot turn in a flyer to fund-raise for Mesa Linda Middle School ASB.  However, Mesa Linda Middle School ASB can turn in a flyer for a fundraiser held at or by Bob's Burgers.)
  • Third Party Requirements: Must contain the name and contact info of the sponsoring entity and/or any 3rd Parties responsible for an event.  Also, flyers must disclaim the district from any endorsement of your organization or event, written or implied.
  • Non-Profit Group Verification: Must submit documentation related to tax status if non-profit: if tax-exempt under IRS 501(c), a copy of the IRS Ruling or Decision Letter.  We will also accept a Tax Return of your tax-exempt group.
  • No Rush Orders/Approvals: Submitted at least two weeks ahead of the INTENDED DISTRIBUTION DATE (NOT THE EVENT DATE if it is an event.)  Most approvals are done in five business days.
  • Prior Approvals Sought in Advance: For example, if an on-site AESD facility use approval is pending, a flyer will be denied until the approval is finalized.

Please plan your campaign accordingly. For complete details, please read the Flyer Distribution Policy document linked above.

The following is banned from distribution:

  • Flyers that do not meet Peachjar & AESD Display Standards:
    • Non-PDF content, such as Word or Publisher documents.  (Convert the files BEFORE you send them.) 
    • Use of font sizes smaller than 12pt., micro-print, steganography techniques, 3rd party shortcut links (such as or, or any other method used to obscure information.
    • Use of auto-translation services such as Google Translate, Bing Translate, or other automated service to meet the English & Spanish Publishing Requirements.  (Most online services fail to produce fluent content.)
  • Flyers with content issues, such as --
    • Lewd or obscene flyers.
    • Content that incites students, parents, staff or the community/public at large to commit unlawful acts, violate campus rules, or disrupt the orderly operations at AESD and its schools.
    • Flyers that violate Anti-Discriminatory practices that are prohibited by public institutions under Federal and State Laws.  Specifically, content that discriminates against gender/orientation, race, age, color, religion or creed, ancestry, national origin, disability or other unlawful consideration is prohibited.
    • Promotes the use or sale of (either by material or services) anything illegal or inconsistent with District Policies and State & Federal Laws.  This includes, but is not limited to: alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, and media such as music, movies, and online services that are unsuitable for children.
    • Solicitation for funds or services to benefit an organization outside of AESD, with the exception of solicitations authorized by Board Policy.
    • Any flyers that put the district in adverse risk for litigation, such as political or defamatory content (libel/slander), religious proselytisation, or anything that implies endorsement of a controversial position or viewpoint.



Sending Flyers to Other Schools

Peachjar enables schools to distribute flyers to other schools in the District as well.  Any school interested in cross-promoting to other campuses can send the flyer to AESD Business Services along with a list of schools to send the flyer to.  If you are interested in Intra-District Distribution, please contact Lily Alfaro at Ext. 10233.  

Due to Peachjar's setup, the flyer will appear to be coming from your school, although we're doing the distribution at the District Level.  (This is by design and cannot be changed.)