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Landon Collins from MDAE Advanced to State Science Fair


From the desk of Dr. Fal, Chief Academic Officer

California State Science Fair

Please join me in congratulating Landon Collins from MDAE for being recognized at the State Science Fair. 

His project was titled "Beware: A Ghost Will Follow You Home".  It is a physics engineering project demonstrating the Pepper's Ghost Effect which is an optical illusion using angle of reflection, transparent, reflective, non-reflective, opaque materials, and carefully placed light sources, all within a home-made construction designed and made by the student. The construction is on display with the project board. When a participant peers into the door of the construction they will witness the optical illusion and the image of a semi-transparent ghost will appear to be floating.

He was inspired by his favorite ride at Disney Land, The Haunted Mansion. The Pepper's Ghost Effect is used to create the illusion that ghosts appear beside you in the mirrors on the ride. Landon is a huge fan of the Disney Imagineers, particularly Mr. Rolly Crump, the creator of the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion. Landon went so far as to write a personal letter to Mr. Crump and received a response. Since then, they have kept correspondence. Landon hopes to meet Mr. Crump in person soon.?

Way to go Landon and Mr. Olson. We are so proud!! 

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