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Payroll Forms

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Absence Report - Certificated View
Absence Report - Classified View
Absence Report - Substitute View
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Certificated Contract Extra Student/Hours

Certificated Weekly Absence Report View
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Classified Contract Timesheet 

Classified Substitute Payroll Calendar View

Classified Substitute Timesheet

Classified Sample Timesheet View
DE-4 - Withholding Allowance (for California State Income Tax) View
Electronic Fund Transfer View
Federal Tax Form ~ W-4 (2023) View
Home Hospital Hours of Instruction Time Sheet 2021 View
Retirement Plan Administration 403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement View
Substitute Absence Report View
Tax Shelter Annuity Form View
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Salary  Schedules
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2022-23 Certificated Management Salary Schedule View
2022-23 Certificated Salary Schedule View
2022-23 Classified Management Salary Schedule View
2022-23 Classified Salary Schedule View

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Who do I notify if I have a question about my sick leave balance?
You can log on to the Best Net website or call payroll at extension 10267 Mona Montenegro or extension 10207 Starlitt Huggins.

When is payday?
(Certificated Contract)
Paydays are usually the first of the month. However, if the first falls on a weekend or a holiday, payday will be the following business day.

(Classified Contract)
Paydays are the last business day of the month.

(Substitute Employees)
Paydays are on the 9th of the month. However, if the ninth falls on a weekend or a holiday, payday will be the following business day.

What is “Cafeteria”?
All pre-taxed voluntary deductions except for 403b’s and 457’s.

I’m a substitute and I’m missing working days/hours on my warrant?
Call Subfinder to get a printout of all jobs that you have worked during the last pay period. Bring this printout to the school site you are missing for verification of days/hours you were assigned. After verifying with the school site, they will then add it to your next warrants time sheet.

My paychecks are always different every month. How do I know how much my salary is?
If you do additional work on a timesheet other than your regular position, this causes your earnings to vary. However, the NML and the LONG that appears on your paycheck should remain the same unless you have an anniversary step or moved on the pay scale because of additional units.

What color of timesheet should I use?
Certificated Substitute- White
Classified Substitute- Yellow
Certificated Contract - Golden Rod
Classified Contract - Green

I am a contract teacher who does substitute teaching during my off-track time, what timesheet do I fill out?
You need to fill out a Golden Rod timesheet.

I am a classified employee who does substitute work during my off-track time, what timesheet do I fill out?
You need to fill out a Green timesheet.

I just signed up for direct deposit, when does it take effect?
If your request is received in the payroll office by the 13th, it will take two payroll cycles before the electronic fund transfer will take place. The first cycle is a test month called “Prenote”. During this time, all the information is tested for correctness. If the information submitted is correct, EFT will be in effect the following month.

I have direct deposit, when can I expect my check to be in my bank?
This all depends when your bank posts the deposit in your account. Some banks post the deposit the same day they receive the notice from the Federal Reserve Bank. Other banks post on the actual payday.

If I work at a school site and they are closed for the holidays at payday. Where can I pick up my check?
Checks are available at the payroll office from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. EFT’s will be mailed the next work day. Warrants are not mailed and need to be picked up.

I cannot pick up my check today; can I send someone to pick it up for me?
You will need to write an authorization note for that individual to be able to pick up your check. They will need to bring in their own picture ID at the time of pick up. If it’s a revolving check, the employee has to personally come in and sign for the revolving check.

I received a check when I served for jury duty; do I forward this check to the District?
You will only need to reimburse the District for the Juror’s Fees portion (exclude mileage). Please make a personal check payable to AESD for the amount.

My doctor will be putting me on disability, what do I need to do to notify payroll? 
You need to turn in a doctor’s off-work certificate to both personnel and payroll. This certificate will need to state the duration of your disability. Prior to your return, you will also need to provide payroll and personnel a doctor’s release to return to work.

What happens if I take more sick days that what I have accumulated?

Certificated Contract-Days taken in excess of your sick days are docked from your salary at the substitute pay rate $125.00 per day if it is short-term, $150.00 per day if it is long-term.

Classified Contract-Hours taken in excess of your sick leave are docked from your salary at 100% of your hourly rate, unless you have a doctor’s note then it will be docked at 50% of your hourly rate.

I am resigning from the AESD; will my accumulated sick leave be paid out to me?
PERS and STRS regulations prohibit any district from paying out sick leave. However, this can be transferred over to your new district. Notify your new employer that you have sick days with Adelanto School District and they will send us a form to fill out and transfer your days.

How often can I change my Federal/State withholdings? 
You can change your withholding (Form W-4) anytime. Forms are available on the District Website and due to the payroll department on the 13th of the month.

I recently changed my name/moved, who do I notify?
There is a form that you need to fill out to update your information. Payroll does not have access to change your information. Personnel will need to make a copy of your social security card with your new name. Make sure all the information that appears on your pay stub is accurate. That way wages are correctly reported to the Social Security Administration and W-2’s that are mailed out at the end of the year are promptly received by the employee.

How can I get a copy of a previous warrant? 
You can access your payroll warrant and W2 information at