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Chromebook FAQs & Repair Costs


1. My Chromebook won't charge:

Please begin by checking that when you plug in your Chromebook, the charging indicator lights up. The charging indicator light is typically found near the charging port on the Chromebook. If you see no light, try to unplug the power brick from the outlet cord and plug it back in making sure it's snug. If you still do not have a charging indicator check to make sure the outlet is working using another appliance or moving the charger to a new outlet.
If you are STILL not receiving a charging indicator light and have multiple Chromebooks with the same charger, try another charger on the problematic Chromebook. This will help us in IT know whether you will need an AC Adapter Replacement or a Charging Port Replacement and expedite the repair of the Student's Chromebook.


2. WiFi will not connect or Login:

Click on the bottom right of the Chromebook where you have a Wireless Indicator Icon. This icon should look sort of like a Ice cream cone. If you click on the section below the Icon that contains a tiny downward triangle (arrow) you will see available Wireless Networks. Verify you are connected to the appropriate network and have a good signal strength, indicated by how much of the wireless indicator is filled in. For our Hotspots we should all be using the Chromes network, for your personal WiFi this could vary greatly from custom names or one identified on a label on your Internet Modem/Router. If you are receiving poor signal, move closer to your router.
If you continue having problems even if you have a strong signal OR no signal at all, try restarting your network equipment. When it powers back on try connecting again. If you continue having issues, verify your internet is working using another device. AESD IT Department cannot troubleshoot your home networking equipment, so if you continue having problems with a stable connection on WiFi please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or call a computer technician (like Geeksquad) to troubleshoot the issue. If you have a District Provided Hotspot, see the Hotspot Issues FAQ


3. Hotspot Issues:

AESD supplies Hotspots for certain families that meet a stringent criteria for additional technology to facilitate Distance Learning for our students. Families that are supplied a Hotspot and are having issues are urged to call our helpdesk at 760-530-7693. Before calling verify your hotspot is receiving a Wireless Signal indicated by having LTE displayed on the corner of the LCD screen and that it is charged and turned on. You may leave the hotspot plugged in during instruction or unplug it to move it to an area with better reception. The Hotspot should use the Chromes network for WiFi and can support up to 10 Devices, however realistically 3 Zoom sessions on a single hotspot would push its bandwidth limits. However 10 devices may use the hotspot for asynchronous activity such as Lexia or other non-zoom related instruction.

School Sites are responsible for distribution of Hotspots and will be the primary source for returns and checkouts, the AESD IT Department will aide in support of the hotspots however families are required to make any returns or exchanges at a School Site by Appointment. We do not have Hotspots at the District Office.

Chromebook Repair and Parts Costs:

In the event that a Chromebook is damaged, a charge may occur. Here is a list of average costs for parts for our HP 11 Chromebooks provided by AESD for Distance Learning.

Part Name

Cost of Replacement
AC Adapter


Charging Port $19.99
Battery $69.99
Keyboard Replacement $79.99
Touchpad Replacement $19.99
LCD Screen $39.99
Bezel $39.99
Camera Board $19.99
Motherboard $134.99
Chromebook Replacement $250 + $25 Google Admin License + $20 Web Filter