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IT Help Desk Work Order System

File a Work Order

You can also send an email to and start a Work Order ticket. Make sure to write the main problem in the Subject line and then elaborate in the body of the email.


Which Work Order Do I Need To File?

There is often confusion on which team to contact with an issue concerning electronic systems, computers, or other areas where IT and Maintenance blurs.  Here's a general guideline that can help:

If your issue is with:

Computers, Laptops, Chromebooks, Network Issues, Wi-Fi, Websites (ours or others), Projection or Classroom TV Use, Cable Management, Office or Classroom Phone with no power or dialtone, moving or replacing any of the aforementioned equipment, and requests on Student Data including AERIES, IO/EADMS, CalPADS, etc.

Contact the IT Department with a Work Order.

If your issue is with:

Classroom Clocks, Lighting, Building Issues, Desks, Power Issues, Classroom Telephone that is not working (damaged, or otherwise problems not involving the network), Alarm Systems, Campus Signage, Gym Scoreboards, PA Systems (both classroom speakers and stage), or moving/replacing any of the aforementioned equipment.

Contact the Maintenance Department.

Not all calls will fill neatly into those two categories above.  In some cases, IT and Maintenance will work together on an issue, such as Fax Machines/Phone Lines dedicated to Fax systems, event setup, new classrooms, or a major project, so filing an order under either system will be fine.  In general, however, common calls will fall into the above groups.

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